Regional Area Coordinator ( Nationwide/ Remote)

· Greenwich, Connecticut
Employment Type Part-Time
Minimum Experience Entry-level

Position overview: The Regional Area Coordinator (RAC) will serve as a mentor for  Walking with Purpose coordinators, providing encouragement and general support to WWP parish program co-coordinators, under the supervision of the Program Support Manager. RACs are expected to oversee up to 30 parish locations, shepherding the co-coordinators and ensuring they are equipped with the skills and information they need to succeed. RACs will primarily work from home.    


It is expected that this position will initially require a time commitment of up to ten hours a week in support of 30 parish programs during the time in which parish programs are in session. Additional hours will be required as needed to support key initiatives and peak periods such as weeks before, during and just after Kick-off in late September, Spring Annual WWP Conference and season wrap-up in early May as well as Ambassador events.  Reduced hours expected in Dec., early June - mid Aug.


The Walking with Purpose mission is to help every Catholic woman and girl in America to open her heart to Jesus Christ.  Walking with Purpose is a fast-growing Catholic women’s ministry offering parish-based programs at over 360 parishes throughout the US and Canada as well as Bible studies and study programs for independent small groups, young adult women and girls.




Provide pastoral support  and encouragement for parish program coordinators:

  • Possess expert knowledge of all WWP programs, including BLAZE, Young Adult, and Adult Women studies and effectively communicate with coordinators regarding all offerings.
  • Welcome new adult women parish program coordinators, providing encouragement and guidance regarding online training program, all leadership tools and ongoing support.
  • Oversee any shift in responsibility from one parish program coordinator to another.
  • Be available up to 4 hours per week in July and August for ad hoc questions and to orient new coordinators, arranging for vacation coverage with RAC team members.
  • Ensure that operational coordinator completes online program information form at least one month prior to program launch each fall.
  • Proactively communicate with personal phone call to pastoral coordinators in late August/early September in preparation for fall launch, scheduled through
  • Occasional in-person visits to local programs, with prior approval.
  • Personal note 2 x year to each co-coordinator (RAC discretion re: timing)
  • Set up and facilitate a Coordinator’s Circle  (to be attended by co-coordinators) in local area to be completed ideally early in the year, but no later than February 28th, ideally hosted by a coordinator.  Coordinator’s Circle agenda and guidelines to be provided by National.  For remote locations, organize a Coordinator’s Circle via Zoom, offering two call-in options.
  • Encourage a minimum of 50% participation in annual survey by each parish program
  • Share survey results with each pastoral coordinator and year-end feedback through personal phone call by May 15th, scheduled through
  • Reflect the WWP core value of FEARLESS POSITIVITY as the WWP “face to the customer” and as such perform work diplomatically in a highly service-oriented manner.


Serve as a WWP Ambassador for growth potential in your region by coordinating a Learn about WWP Event, supported by the Director of Participant Experience

  • Obtain approval and host at least one WWP Ambassador event from your region each season.
  • Serve as regional contact for the event, working with coordinators on all details including invitations, event organization and presentation details
  • Attend event and direct program
  • Provide post-event recap and attendee information to expansion team
  • Investigate potential parish to host ambassador event in the coming season


Administration requirements:


  • Full understanding of WWP website resources
  • Watch, read, listen and follow WWP National policy procedures and guidance
  • Maintain expert knowledge of RAC web page
  • Use WWP email account for all work-related correspondence and respond within 24 hours
  • Keep all National information confidential until officially released
  • Set weekly “on call” office hours (should be consistent week to week, 4 hours)
  • Participate in bi-monthly, 30 minute RAC team call with program support manager
  • Complete monthly report and participate in 30 minute Monthly 1x1 review with program support manager
  • Provide bi-monthly time sheet to program support manager on a timely basis.
  • Discern 1 coordinator per season as a potential RAC candidate, using the guidelines set forth in the RAC scorecard and the job description




  • Experience coordinating a WWP adult women parish-based program
  • Commitment to WWP mission
  • Motivated by a deep love for women and a desire to see them experience spiritual transformation
  • Good organizational skills, ability to establish and maintain tracking systems
  • Exceptional attention to detail and follow-through
  • Clear, concise, informative, and tactful verbal skills
  • Positive attitude and strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently, demonstrate a high degree of flexibility
  • Knows and works within area of responsibility and doesn’t work outside it
  • Proficiency using Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs and Calendly
  • Embraces technologies including SalesForce to support parish programs.


Work Environment:

Employee will primarily work from home with home office that enables employee to work effectively without disruption, and with enough space to store/ship small amounts of WWP promotional items.    

This position description is intended to be general, and will evolve over time.  The description is subject to periodic updating.  At management’s discretion, the employee may be assigned different or additional duties from time to time.


Hours: Estimated 10 hours per week


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